Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yamaha's AW1600 and AW2400 DAWs

'The AW1600 (MSRP $1,495) has been created for the home studio musician, adding many features to the AW16G while maintaining the same affordability. New features include eight combo inputs (all with Phantom power), USB 2.0 drag-and-drop capabilities for moving files onto you computer, 24-bit recording and a new Pitch Fix algorithm for correcting the pitch of vocal tracks.'

'The AW2400 (MSRP $2,499) is a complete portable studio solution for anyone who is serious about recording and production. And, just like the AW4416, users can record, edit, mix and master without the need for external equipment. This new flagship of the AW line includes 24 simultaneous tracks of playback, motorized 100mm faders and the same expansion slot found on Yamahga digital mixng consoles for connecting the AW to professional studio gear.' More / AW1600 video demo


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