Monday, April 24, 2006

O, the power we waste!

'All around the house we bleed power. The modern home is permanently on standby, full of equipment that sits "half on", waiting to spring immediately to life when we ask it to. Figures from the Energy Saving Trust on standby power use in the UK home are astonishing:

* Stereos on standby cost £290m and produce 1.6 million tonnes of CO2
* VCRs and DVD cost £263m and produce 1.06 million tonnes of CO2
* TVs on standby cost £88m and produce 480,000 tonnes of CO2

But there is a bigger culprit out there: the personal computer, as power supply manufacturer Scott Richards explains. "The PC is a special case because if you don't turn it off completely, in other words pull the switch on the back, it's always drawing some kind of power..."' More


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