Tuesday, March 07, 2006

When the Oscars came dressed in big issues

'...one of the very real reasons why these movies are being supported so strongly by the studios that made them, despite their lack of commercial success, is that very few films these days are enjoying massive commercial success. Of last year's big-budget summer blockbusters, movies such as The Island and War of the Worlds, underperformed badly. Only Star Wars III: Revenge of The Sith did well. Instead, it was the movie that went on to win Best Documentary on Sunday night - The March of the Penguins - that brought home the bacon in the summer of 2005, to the tune of $77 million across North America. Not bad for a movie made by a French film crew for $8 million, but perplexing for the studios who'd splashed out hundreds of millions on films that the public just didn't want to see...' More


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