Monday, March 06, 2006

Squier + Shepard Fairey = OBEY

'Squier has teamed up with renowned graphic artist, Shepard Fairey, to create a unique run of graphic instruments. There are four models available with three different graphic schemes, including the Squier OBEY Graphic Stratocaster HSS "Dissent", the Squier Telecaster HS "Propaganda", and a "Collage" graphic that is available on either Stratocaster or Telecaster guitars. Each model features DuncanĀ® Designed humbucking and single coil pickups, special "Rustic & Worn" hardware, knurled control knobs, die-cast machine heads, non-pickguard body, volume and tone controls and unique artwork over Black finish. US MSRP: $415.99.' More


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