Monday, January 23, 2006

Jimmy Greene's 'Brand New World'

'Saxophonist, composer, and bandleader Jimmy Greene (who's 30) is emerging as a positive young presence in the creative music world. His solo recordings, s (Criss Cross), Brand New World (RCA Victor) and Introducing Jimmy Greene (Criss Cross) have been met with much critical acclaim, and his appearances worldwide with a host of artists have attracted much attention. In the midst of several new musical projects, the story of Jimmy Greene is continually unfolding.' Artist site

Jimmy Greene - Brave New World (RCA) Buy from Amazon

Free downloads:

* Humpty Dumpty.mp3
* Brand New World.mp3
* Arise!.mp3
* Renee.mp3
* Mr. McLean.mp3
* Never Let Me Go.mp3
* Godsend.mp3
* Dream, Little Boy, Dream.mp3
* Darn that Dream.mp3

Recorded at Sony Music Studios, NY, NY - August 13, 1999.


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