Sunday, December 11, 2005

Narnia's religious message hateful?

'Children are supposed to fall in love with the hypnotic Aslan, though he is not a character: he is pure, raw, awesome power. He is an emblem for everything an atheist objects to in religion. His divine presence is a way to avoid humans taking responsibility for everything here and now on earth, where no one is watching, no one is guiding, no one is judging and there is no other place yet to come.' More


Blogger David Wilson said...

i eventually got suspicious of cs lewis too - by a different route - when my kids were small i got the notion to read the main one, lion witch wardrobe, to them out loud, and it was ok, not badly written (a quality which becomes more obvious when you are reading out loud) so we decided to read the rest of them as well, and they were utterly boring, never finished one of them, and then, some time after i heard a story about cs lewis' conversion, and i read mere christianity and miracles, not bad in their way, but second rank

as for its being a hateful message, no, i don`t think so, a way station maybe

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