Monday, November 28, 2005

Tin Can tube preamp

The Tin Can is a dual channel vacuum tube preamplifier pedal featuring a 5-band equalizer, footswitchable volume/gain boost, analogue speaker modelling circuitry, and true bypass capability.

The two independent channels cover the tonal spectrum from clean to slightly gritty in channel 1, and from blues to heavy metal in channel 2. The post-distortion equalizer provides up to 18dB of boost or cut, and can be independently bypassed in each channel. The player can boost his volume using the solo boost footswitch in conjunction with each channel's volume boost control. A three position toggle switch in each channel can be used to enable or disable the gain boost circuit, increasing the range of distortion available. The third position of the switch ties the gain boost function to the solo footswitch for increased flexibility.

An analogue speaker modelling circuit provides a signal which is routed to a fully balanced direct recording output, as well as to a dedicated headphone jack. Independent output level controls are provided for the host amp output and recording/headphone outputs. The unit features an internal high voltage power supply, and includes a 12VDC power adapter.

MP3 sound samples: Semi Clean / Medium Gain Rhythm / Medium Gain Lead

Rear view

Price: $595 USD (retail)

Glasstone Amplification


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