Monday, November 21, 2005

Holy Grail theories

'This article is a collection of theories concerning the Holy Grail and what it could be. The confusion arises because the word Grail is derived from the word graal which first appeared in turn of the first millennium (A.D.) prose and poetry. There is no confusion over the meaning of the word Graal, which was a dish or platter brought to the table at various stages during a meal. However, the things that the graal or grail has come to represent has changed from story to story throughout the words history.

The first story in which the word appears was written by Chretien de Troyes — "Le Conte del Graal". Chretiens story was almost certainly based on an earlier one, but it is unknown what his actual source was or his meaning of the word Graal. Chretien did not finish his story and continuations and rewrites of the story are then free to embellish and invent as much as the authors saw fit.

Now the Grail represents many different things to many different people. No one meaning seems to explain all the strange events in the Grail stories. The reader will not find a definitive answer. Nor will he read all theories as some are obscure and not yet encountered in detail by the author.' Story link


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