Saturday, November 06, 2004

Monsoon fury

The rains have been more ferocious than ever the last couple days. The woefully deflated bike tyres sadly remind me that I haven't had a good ride in a while.

Mould-breaking instrumental rock:

Unwed Sailor: Muscular but subtly textured instrumental rock by a band that exhibits a remarkable sense of light and shade.

Pedro the Lion: A more accessible version of American Music Club that compellingly extends the deeply subjective, sensitive rock balladeer tradition.

Cutting-edge elektrorock

Dogon: Masters of the found sound with a knack for rippling textures and impressionist audioscapes.

Just say know!

Music and the Brain

The ding-dong of doom

Wealthy nation

A crazy British plot to swing Ohio to Kerry

Video games muscle in on movies

The Other George W.


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